Formed in 2012 by lead guitarist Ollie Roberts, METAPRISM have grown into one of the UK’s best dual vocal melodic metal act. With a reputation for energetic live shows, proficient playing and catchy heavy tunes the band have rapidly risen up the ranks of Melodic Metal Acts. 

The dual vocalist dynamic forms an exciting sonic edge, mixing soaring clean melodies, beautiful blended harmonies and raging aggressive growls. Add to this crushing modern metal riffing, blazing melodic solos and thunderous bass-lines with prog-infused drumming and you get the energetic and compelling sound that is METAPRISM. 

Supporting the release of their debut album, ‘The Human Encryption’, METAPRISM made an unforgettable appearance at Europe’s largest and most prestigious metal festival ‘Wacken Open Air’, with their single ‘Reload’ being featured on Wacken’s 25th anniversary ‘Live at Wacken 2015’ Blu-Ray/DVD/CD. The band then took the UK’s ‘Bloodstock Open Air’ festival by storm for the second year running, carving a lasting impression onto the metal scene.  

2018 saw the release of their second album ‘Catalyst to Awakening’ to critical and fan acclaim. The unique twin vocal attack fuelled the super catchy choruses of tracks such as ‘Unleash the Fire’ and ‘Catharsis’ whilst the outright heavy thrash riffing aggression of ‘Unanimous’ proved that METAPRISM has something for all metal heads to bang their heads to. 

2021 saw the release of the third album, ‘From The Earth! with singles such as ’Dread of the Night' and the self title track ‘From the Earth’ leading the way as fan favourites.

Throughout their time METAPRISM have also toured across Europe with the likes of Iced Earth, Xandria, Leaves Eyes, Sacred Mother Tongue, Temperance and Evil Scarecrow. 

2024 marks a return with a new single, ‘Echo of Light’ 


Vocals: Theresa Smith
Vocals: Adam Chambers
Guitars: Ollie Roberts
Guitars: Callum Downing
Bass: Matt Hudson
Drums:James Clarke