• Mixing - So you already have it all recorded...send over your material to get that big sound you want for your songs/albums. Maybe you do YouTube covers and want to stand out above the rest with a more pro sound? 
  • Mastering -  Everything is already mixed...I can bring a fresh pair of ears to help create an extra level of clarity and punch to the mix to make it sound as good as possible.
  • Reamping -  Need a killer guitar tone? Send me the raw DI tracks to get reamping done using a choice of different gear
  • Editing - Tightening drums, cutting out guitar noise, prepping vocals...etc can always help and can take up your precious time, so why not share the load. 
  • Guest solos - Need a guitar solo to finish off your project or to add that extra sparkle and excitement to the track? Get in touch
  • Record/Write guitars for projects - Perhaps you are a singer/songwriter and need help from a guitarist getting guitars recorded/written/arranged for your tracks...look no further!
  • Guitar Lessons - Tailored skype lessons available for beginners and beyond.​​​ 

    As a musician myself I understand how tight budgets can be, but still you want the best it can possibly sound! 
    All prices are totally dependent on the projects, so feel free to get in touch with the form below. 






Solo Playthrough

Vocal Mix/Master, Extra backing Vox


Guest Solos