So you already have it all recorded...send over your material to get that quality sound you want for your songs/albums. Lets get started!

Or maybe you do YouTube covers, just vocals or full band, and want to stand out above the rest with a more pro sound? Get in touch! 

All mixing projects are dependent on how many tracks, length of songs, how many instrument layers...etc so best to get in touch so I can work out the best price for your project! 


Everything is already mixed...I can bring a fresh pair of ears to help create an extra level of clarity and punch to the mix gluing it all together making it sound as good as possible across systems and platforms

Starting from £25 per song (Dependent on song lengths)


       Additional Services:

  • Reamping*  Need a killer guitar tone? Send me the raw DI tracks to get reamping done using a choice of different gear - Starting from £25 a song  (Dependent on song lengths and how many layers of guitars!) (*included free in mixing if required)
  • Editing - Vocal editing/tuning, cutting out guitar noise....etc can always help and can take up your precious time, so why not share the load. Help get that pro sound by making everything neat and tidy

    Guitar related:

  • Guest solos - Need a guitar solo to finish off your project or to add that extra sparkle and excitement to the track? Get in touch 
  • Record/Write guitars for projects - Perhaps you are a singer/songwriter and need help from a guitarist getting guitars recorded/written/arranged for your tracks...look no further!


Being a musician myself, having toured across UK/Europe and played some major festivals, I understand how much you want to have the best results for your music and how hard budgets can be...etc, so I'm on your side on this journey!

All prices are totally dependent on the projects (number of songs, tracks, length...etc), so feel free to get in touch with the contact form below and let me know what the project is, a few details of whats involved and lets have a chat!