So after a couple months searching for the right guy to be Theresa’s new partner in crime, finally we can announce we found him!

Everyone please give a warm welcome to Mr Joey Draper! We are chuffed to get this guy on board with us and we can’t wait to get gigging again so you can hear what he can do! (updates coming soon on gig dates!)

Big thanks to everyone who applied and showed interest in the position and to everyone who shared and spread the word for us in our search! 😉

The  new era begins!

‘RELOAD’ – Lead section play through

Here is the lead guitar section play through from our single ‘RELOAD’ off the album, ‘The Human Encryption’. Played by Ollie Roberts.

In this video Ollie is using his custom Polaris 7 with Marvel ‘Tesseract’ Inlay. More info available on his artist page on the Carillion Guitars website…check it out here:
Carillion Guitars:


It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we can announce Ollie and Callum have become part of the Engl Amps family! These amps are absolutely killer!

As well as that we are delighted to be on board with Zilla Cabs too! The combo of Engls and Zillas sound awesome, so be sure to come check us out live if you haven’t already! \m/